Erandis d'Vol

Erandis d’Vol, usually known as Lady Vol or “the Lich Queen”, was the last heir of the House of Vol, the elven bloodline that bore the Mark of Death. Born to an elven mother and dragon father, Erandis was the hope of many to end the war between the dragons and elves. She is believed dead by most, but some hold that she was brought back as a lich and is secretly the leader of both the Blood of Vol and the Order of the Emerald Claw.

Named after her grandmother, Erandis is the daughter of Minara, Matriarch of House Vol, and Emerald Claw, a green dragon whose real name is known only to Erandis. She was a misguided attempt to bridge the understanding of two races and end the ancient war between the nation of Aerenal and the forces of Argonnessen. Minara gave birth to Erandis in secrecy from even her own House with the protection of Emerald Claw with whom she had fallen in love during her pregnancy.

It is not known how evidence of the birth was discovered, whether betrayal by her own House or proud announcement by her father; but it did achieve the desired goal of uniting the two groups, albeit in a tragic way. The House of Vol was destroyed by joint forces of elves and dragons who saw the union as an abomination. One story holds that in an attempt to save her daughter, Minara used her power of necromancy to transform Erandis into a lich and hide her from the destruction. Some say that Erandis transformed herself or used the Mark of Death; the truth is known only to her, if she still exists.

Those who believe that she lingers on say that to this day she seeks only revenge for her own life and that of her family and house, and to achieve what she believe is her destiny — a destiny that is known only to her and her inner circle in the Blood of Vol and Emerald Claw.

Erandis d'Vol

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