Threads of Invasion

We’ll be back…


As soon as we emerged from the depths of Shathrax’s lair it was clear that things were not good. Mobs of angry Adakmi citizens were milling about in the square – some looking rather aberrant-like with protruding eyes, sagging features or other mottled skin. Either the missing Tear was exerting its malign power over the town, or we had been transported to Levin.

Before we had a chance to talk with the altered locals our attention was drawn to the Gatekeeper Lodge where Doria ‘The Explorier’ Veledaar was staying. The door had been blown open, there was commotion inside and a gang of aberrations stood guard outside. There was a brief interchange with their leader, a female Tiefling distorted by Xoriat corruption – then battle was joined!!

In less than 30 seconds battle was over. They were dead and we were all alive – although Whiskey had a couple of close calls with only Mikel and his waving porcelain cat keeping him on this side of Dolurrh.

Abandoning the people we’d rescued from Shathrax we rushed into the Lodge. Doria lay on the floor, horribly corrupted and dying. A flickering portal illuminated room. Doria indicated that she had somehow acquired (summed?) the Tear and attempted to cleanse it – alas it had corrupted her. Then goons of Malachi had arrived, stolen the Tear and gone through the portal.

With the portal failing and on the verge of flickering out, low on resources we nevertheless leapt through, ready for a desperate battle! We found… some trees. Ok, there were some ruined walls and some odd mist – but basically a few trees. Feeling a little guilty about leaving Adakmi in the grips of an aberration riot we followed the trail of the minions of Malachi. A few hours later, something happened…


tzcooper Whiskey

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