Coat of Eyes

A symbiont artifact from the time of the daelkyr


The Coat of Eyes is a suit of +1 leather armor.

Enhancement: AC
Property: You gain resist 5 psychic and resist 5 poison.
Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to Perception checks but take a –1 penalty to Insight checks.
Property: You gain the ability to speak, read, and write Deep Speech fluently.
Power (At-Will): Minor Action. Change the Coat of Eyes into hide armor (it retains its enhancement and properties).
Power (At-Will): Immediate Interrupt, when you are struck by an effect that would blind you. Negate the blinded condition.

The Coat has additional properties that can only be learned over time by its wearer.

The Coat of Eyes communicates its desires through strange whispers and bursts of alien emotion that surge in the wearer’s mind. The wearer feels the Coat’s pleasure when it observes something interesting through him or her, but feels its fury if the wearer intentionally avoids sights or experiences that the Coat deems worthy. Occasionally, the wearer feels the presence of another mind, seemingly held within his own: perhaps Belashyrra, gazing out through his creation.


Crafted by the daelkyr Belashyrra, this leather jerkin is formed from chitin and raw muscle. Dozens of eyes are set across it, taking in everything that happens around the wearer. The Coat is a symbiont item that bonds to the wearer’s flesh when it is donned.

Goals of the Coat of Eyes

✦ Attach itself to a character touched by the Prophecy, who will see the events that shape the future.
✦ Evaluate the bearer and his allies, to assess their usefulness or threat to the daelkyr.
✦ Observe events that enlighten and amuse the daelkyr Belashyrra.

Recent history

The Coat of Eyes retrieved from the body of the orc cultist Toraash, reeve of the village of Blackroot in the Shadow Marches.

Coat of Eyes

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