Jet Dancer


• Sylvan armour (leather)
2 magic short sword
• +1 Amulet of Health
• +2 Diadem of acuity (
2 to insight and perception) – on loan from the party (ex Rhada)


Night Wishes, Fortinbrassy, Seriena Chatto, Seriena the Cat, Electra Edessia (and others)

Jet is from Cyre. Her mother was human. Her Elven father was never in a permanent relationship with her mother. Jet knows his name and clan but has never met him or sought to do so. On the rare occasion she thinks about him at all, she just thinks of him as ‘the Elf’.

Her mother died when she was 10. She was subsequently brought up by various neighbours and relatives, and ran pretty wild at times – effectively the start of her training in thievery. She struck out on her own when she was 15.

Although on the young side to enlist, she fought in the war, gaining both martial expertise and a measure of self-discipline in the process. She thrived on the camaraderie and took it hard when so many of her friends were killed in the Day of Mourning.

Since then, she’s drifted. She’s taken work (caravan guard, etc) when it’s suited her, but often as not has supported herself through illegal means. She came to Adakmi on a short term contract as a courier, delivering documents (i.e. not something worth stealing). She’d been in town about two weeks when Whiskey and Klang brought the ex-cultists in, and had been ready to move on anyway.

Although she wouldn’t recognise it for herself, any amateur psychologist would diagnose serious abandonment issues beneath all that self-confidence. Sub-consciously, Jet is desperate for somewhere to belong – be it place or people. She was genuinely impressed with Whiskey’s actions. She recognised straight away that he and Klang didn’t have to do what they did, and she admired their commitment, even though she herself probably wouldn’t have felt a similar moral compunction.

So… she’s looking for the next thing to occupy herself with, and she’s looking to be part of a group. Whiskey is weird, yes, but she’s prepared to latch on to him and his companions and see where it takes her

Jet Dancer

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