One of the original Five Nations, Thrane is now a nation dominated by theology. Desperate to show the world the light of the Silver Flame, you are more likely to encounter a missionary from Thrane than a farmer.

Bordered in the west by Aundair, to the south by Breland, to the south-east by the Mournland and to the east by Scions Sound, Thrane occupies a rich territory of fertile farmland and large forests. With natural waterways demarcating most of its boundaries, Thrane was the only nation not to lose territory due to the Treaty of Thronehold. Thrane also shares the closest proximity to Thronehold.

Major settlements and important sites

All of Thrane’ s population centers are located in the nation’s eastern regions, along the waterways that spill into Scions Sound.

  • Flamekeep (Metropolis, 150,000): Flamekeep grew as the Church of the Silver Flame gained prominence. Built around the impressive Cathedral of the Silver Flame, the city displays Flamic architecture at its grandest and most inspiring. As the capital of the nation’s secular and religious authorities, Flamekeep is a place of power and influence.
  • Aruldusk
  • Sigilstar
  • Thaliost
  • The Chamber of the Flame: Located deep within the Cathedral of the Silver Flame, this is the place where the holy light of the Silver Flame burns and the Keeper of the Flame comes to commune with the Voice of the Silver Flame. Pilgrims devoted to the faith travel to this holy site to pray, pay homage, and hope for miracles.
  • Shadukar: The ruins of the city of Shadukar, and the Burnt Wood around them, bear witness to one of the most terrible defeats suffered by Thrane during the Last War. When it was overrun and set ablaze by the combined might of Karrnathi and Cyran forces, more than seven thousand Thranes lost their lives.

The spirit of the Silver Flame took hold of the hearts and souls of the people of Thrane seven hundred years ago, and this religious fervor remains the driving force behind the nation. Thrane was one of the original Five Nations founded by the human settlers of Khorvaire; the culture and heritage of the region goes back millennia. It was absorbed into the Kingdom of Galifar and remained a pillar of that celebrated kingdom for almost a thousand years. While the rest of the Five Nations followed the tenets of the Sovereign Host, a new religion found life in Thrane before spreading far and wide across Khorvaire. In the wake of the Last War, Thrane stands as a theocracy devoted to the Silver Flame.

Thrane ir’Wynarn, third scion of King Galifar I, was appointed to oversee the nation that would eventually carry his name shortly after his father united the kingdom. As with the other nations, the name was changed to match that of its regent by popular decree in 32 YK. Thrane, and the greater kingdom to which it belonged, prospered as the decades grew into centuries.


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