Players' intro to the Shadow Marches game

The Shadow Marches

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At the port town of Urthhold, you met with your contact, a half-orc House Tharashk employee named Doria Veledaar. For any of you who hadn’t met a half-orc before, Doria was a pleasant surprise: friendly, open, and she treated you as equals.

Highlights of Doria’s briefing:
  • She called for reinforcements from the House to head to Blackroot―her home village―as she has concerns over things happening there
  • She’s been waiting in Urthhold for a few days now for you to arrive―time seems to be an issue
  • Yesterday, some locals caught a small, feral humanoid creature―possibly some sort of gnome―in the swamps near Urthhold
  • This creature told Doria that a tiefling who had been in the area for a while arrived in his village a few weeks ago, flashed his magic around, and took control of the village
  • The tiefling, Chevkos, put the villagers to work clearing growth from the bottom of “the spike”, which sits on an island of firm ground in the swamp next to the village
  • The creature wasn’t allowed to go to the island―he has never been allowed to go there, and he is scared of “the spike”
  • The feral creature is unable to give a decent description of the tiefling, but one has been in and around Urthhold over the last few months
  • About three weeks ago, a local lost heavily in a game of cards to the tiefling, and had to hand over his only item of (alleged) value―a small, clay statue of a frog-like creature with the letters SKOULOS molded into it―probably a name
  • Doria knows nothing about the name Skoulos, but she has a bad feeling about this turn of events
  • So, there is a change of plan: Doria wil head alone to Blackroot, and you will head to this village
  • If there’s any dodgy going on, sort it out, then get to Blackroot
  • The feral humanoid guided you through the swamplands to nearby the village
  • ‘Village’ is an over-statement: a few run-down wooden structures, on stilts as they often are in this area

Players' intro to the Shadow Marches game

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