A walled fortress-town in the Byeshk Mountains of north-western Droaam. Politically independent. Held out against the predations of the Red Hand of Naarash for many months. Currently run by an elected town council, installed after elections organised by Whiskey and the rest of the Brotherhood of the Dragon Prophet.

Adakmi was once an outpost of Breland. When Breland lost what is now Droaam, the scattered folk of the mountains initially abandoned their villages and gravitated here for safety before expanding outward again. They created a well-defended enclave that now supports a population of two thousand, mostly humans, half-orcs, and half-elves. The population increased when the Brotherhood of the Dragon Prophet brought former cultists of the Red Hand of Naarash to live there. Tensions remain.

Adakmi is astride a river known as the Chill and between two arms of the Byeshk Mountains. The town’s folk are largely farmers and fishers. Cultivated farmland once surrounded the community, and the first steps to returning to those farms have begun. Less than two miles away is the Tankard, a deep lake fed by runoff from the mountains. An old Dhakaani road winds down from a northern pass, heading south and splitting into a westward arm.

The most common travellers are pilgrims devoted to the Gatekeepers and their hero, Kaddik. Each year brings another band of devout to the town’s centre square. They pay their respects under an ancient statue of Kaddik. The pilgrims play an important part in Adakmi’s economy. To the pious, are gracious hosts quick to doff their caps to the statue.

Places of interest

Kaddik’s Square

Paved in cobblestones and dominated by the worn statue of Kaddik’s robed form, the square is the center of the town’s activity. When not playing host to a festival, it functions as a market. Adakmi’s major businesses ring the square, and traders set up stalls in the area.

The Gatekeeper’s Lodge

Locals claim this ancient shrine stood long before the town did. Its old stones, covered in strange sigils just hidden by the ivy, suggest some truth to its legends. Multicolored pieces of glass in a rainbow of colors peek out from the mortar so when the sun hits it, the temple sparkles. Two massive brass doors serve as its only entrance, and inside is a massive amphitheater around a central pit where a worn altar stands.

The Moondocks

From the gates of Adakmi, the little-used Falls Road runs north, zigzagging up the flank of the mountain as it climbs past and then above the cascading waterfall. The Moondocks are ruined wharfs that cling to blackened pilings, where once a dozen boats might have moored. Only one remains, the Blacksnake, operated by a dour half-elf named Glasur. The Blacksnake is powered by bound water elementals.


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