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  • Wrathstone

    This dark blue amulet has five points, each a different colour: one each of black, red, green, blue and white. It also contains a khyber dragonshard in its centre. The amulet increases your defenses and can be activated to grant you temporary hit points.

  • Talons of Tiamat

    One shadow from the Age of Demons continues to haunt the dragons to this day: Tiamat. Even in her prison, Tiamat holds the power to seduce and corrupt dragons... and some join her of their own free will, dreaming of the powerthey will possess when she is …

  • Pillars of Night

    An old temple in the Byeshk Mountains in north-western Droaam, where the [[Tiamat | Tiamat]] cult known as the Red Hand of Naarash maintained its headquarters. The temple appears to be of giantish construction. Now occupied by the [[Church of the Silver …

  • Elsir Vale

    The Elsir Vale is a thinly populated part of the western frontier of [[Breland | Breland]]. The vale stretches almost 250 miles north-east to south-west and averages about 70 miles north-west to south-east. The rolling hills and grassy plains of the Vale …

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