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  • Sharn

    Sharn is the most populated city in all of Khorvaire, and arguably all of Eberron. The city literally towers atop a cliffside above the mouth of the Dagger River in southern Breland. http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/16276/Sharn.jpg Sharn is …

  • Morgrave University

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/227915/2321198689_9d78e9d386.jpg(2321198689 9d78e9d386)! Morgrave University is an institution of higher learning in [[Sharn | Sharn]], [[Breland | Breland]]. It was founded by the treasure hunter Lord Lareth ir' …

  • Professor Sana Dhuma

    An ageing female half-orc, Sana Dhuma is a scholar at Morgrave University specialising in the ssethric races.

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