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  • Traevus

    Traevus was founf by the party in the ruins of Kalton Manor, in the Shadow Marches. He said he was seeking revenge on Anarus Kalton, a former colleague who killed their mutual master Malareth. Traevus believes that Anarus remains somewhere in Kalton …

  • Jaryn

    A gatekeeper warden who vowed to defeat the Red Hand of Naarash, he succumbed to the desires of Naarash itself, defeating the previous leader of the Red Hand and installing himself in his stead. He lead the Red Hand to greater levels of aggression and …

  • Ssluryth

    An albino greenscale lizardman, Ssluryth was killed by the party in a ruined, almost underwater tower in the Shadow Marches. Ssluryth was probably more significant for his friendship with the black dragon [[:sarkis | Sarkis]] than on his own merits.

  • Sarkis

    Friend of [[:ssluryth | Ssluryth]], Sarkis was a black dragon that killed the eladrin [[:alqantara | Alqantara]] in the Shadow Marches.

  • Emesha

    A human female druid, a contact and friend of Doria Veledaar, Emesha took occupancy of the Gatekeeper shrine in Adakmi after the citadel was liberated from the predations of the Red Hand of Naarash.

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