Threads of Invasion

Session II
In which it is learned that dastardly traps are best de-activated
  • The fight completed, the party released the naked eladrin Erindaelle from the altar
  • It seems that the tiefling Chevkos is somewhere within the spire, attempting to bring a being back to life
  • The party entered into a non-aggression pact with Sagatha, a somewhat rude dwarf and self-proclaimed protector of the swamp
  • A crude scaffold lead to a cave mouth with a cavern beyond
  • The party found a letter to Chevkos
  • The way ahead was obvious, but lead to an equally obvious yet effective double trap
  • Despite some difficulties, Klang and Piu defeated the ochre jelly
  • A secret door lead to a cramped chamber that just screamed DEATHTRAP, but was avoided by the astute party
  • A different chamber housed a host of shambling, vermin-swarm creatures, who were dispatched in a brief but entertaining battle
  • As the dust settled, a portal from the Shadowfell opened, and out stepped the shadar-kai Myrissa, with her dark creeper and shadowhunter bat companions
  • They were there to collect Beren who, it would seem, was in some trouble with someone called Sarshan
  • A fight was in the offing, but Beren chose to go peacefully
Session I
In which the party take a trip in the sunny Shadow Marches
  • Everyone met up. Doria Veledaar was pretty cute for a half-orc.
  • “The creature” took you to a cliff.
  • You all climbed down, and Whiskey climbed down really quickly.
  • Beren scouted ahead. A good thing he wasn’t an elf, or he would surely have disappeared.
  • Bad stuff was happening inside that ruined keep area. Still, the bad guys were no match for a determined party who had the drop on them.
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