Whiskey Mwoi

Human shaman


Whiskey Mwoi has little recollection of who he is or where he is from – his memory and dreams are a sargasso of steaming jungle, dark temples, salty air, stinking wharves, flying ships, bloody battles and Dreammist dens.

Unlike many, Whiskey drinks not to forget, but to remember. Every dram of whiskey brings a little more memory – whether they are his or no Whiskey doesn’t know. It is only since arriving in the Shadow Marches that Whiskey has felt any purpose, the nightmares have ebbed and memories are beginning to stick.

The Dragonic Prophecy has spoken strongly to Whiskey since breaking the power of the Red Hand of Naarash and ending the possession of Jayren. He now understands that he is a living embodiment of the song that echoes through the world. It is through this that he knows that he will bring down Belshyrra the Lord of Eyes.

Whiskey still bears the physical and mental scars of the Coat of Eyes and the aberrant symbionts he attached. Most mornings he awakes surprised they are no longer part of him, or him part of them. Each morning his hatred of the corruption of Xoriat grows, and the temptations are soothed for the moment.

Where is your character from? (Where did he grow up?)

Don’t know, but his guess is Lahzaar principalities. That’s his accent.

What is your character’s adult background? (What did he do before coming an adventurer, if anything? What did he do during the Last War?)

Don’t know. His knowledge of elemental powered ships suggests something to do with House Lyrander, but his Mark is Sivis. His skills and knowledge suggest that he’d have been more suited to knowledge/magic orientation rather than lots of physical activity. However he has nightmares about travel in Xen’drik and a Kraken deep in the ocean. I reckon he probably uncovered something that shattered his mind. But what it was, why he was there, on whose behalf – they’re all very open.

What does your character value? (What does he believe in, what motivates him to act?)

He is a living embodiment of the draconic prophecy. Sometimes he knows what needs to happen, although he has no idea what the ‘end’ is.

The thing that drives him on a daily basis is destroying Belshayra. This is essentially a mission of revenge. He was incensed by the Coat taking control of his actions. He remains tempted by the lure of Xoriat – so the anger at B is partly a lashing out at his own failing.

His drive to cure the Stormcrows is because they did not seek out the aberration in the way Whiskey happily embraced it – they were victims.

What is unusual about your character?
No memory. Human with Sivis dragon mark. Scars from coat of eyes, tentacle, glove and tongue worm. Lots of tattoos. Slightly mad.

What does your character know about?
Aberations, Xoriat, Belshyra, the natural world and the occult. Fair bit about the Gatekeepers as well.

What Paragon Path has your character taken?
Entrancing Mystic.

Whiskey Mwoi

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