Mikel Rayner

Human Artificer


Mikel is a young Artificer. He is carrying a crossbow and lots of different gadgets and vials on his belt and goggles on his head. His hair is tied back into a ponytail to keep it out of his work. A Dragonmark for House Cannith is visible on his forearm.


Mikel is from Sharn. He grew up with one desire, a life of discovery. This grew into under-graduate and post-graduate work with the Morgrave University in the areas of technology and the arcane and where they can blend. Morgrave sends it’s post-graduate students on quests for knowledge around Khorvaire. From these many treks, he has developed an appreciation for the adventuring life.

Mikel’s full name is Mikel Rayner. The surname is reasonably common in Breland (it means advise or council, for what that’s worth), but he doesn’t use it a lot. he likes to stand apart from his family. Nothing too bitter, but they don’t approve of his scholarly nor adventuring ways. they would rather he was a merchant or some other trade. He also sometimes uses his Dragonmark surname d’Cannith. But only when it suits him.

Where is your character from? (Where did he grow up?)
Mikel grew up in Sharn. Always a bookish boy, he shunned more physical or even social activities, and sought a life in study. Most specifically alchemy and tech at the Morgrave University. His folks live in Sharn too. He doesn’t see them often.

What is your character’s adult background? (What did he do before coming an adventurer, if anything? What did he do during the Last War?)
He began adventuring reluctantly. Morgrave sent him and other scholars on investigative and archealogical quests. He discovered he quite enjoys the adventurers life-style and it’s discoveries, but always takes advantage of his time in towns to lock himself in a room with some new tomes and experiments. He wasn’t especially involved in the last war as he’s only 27 now. Probably cooped up in a study somewhere or on a quest out of the way of combat. You can bet, though, he’s red up on it and fancies he knows as much as anyone involved.

What does your character value? (What does he believe in, what motivates him to act?)
Mikel is motivated by knowledge. More specifically, he seeks both the arcane and the technological and new ways of combining the two. He’s good at heart, and wants to be of use to the world and to his House. He believes the best way to do this is using his strengths (which he sees as manyfold).

What is unusual about your character?
In some ways he’s a person of many contradictions. He’s good but can be selfish. He’s bookish and rather socially enept, but a bit of a braggart. He likes home comforts, but involves himself in adventures. He’ll quite happily part with his money for gadgets, tools or even a good night out. To sum up, he’s young, so he’s still finding his way in the world.

What does your character know about?
He believes he knows more than most people – and he’s probably right. He’s happy to share that knowledge. He’s also well aware that the more you know the more you still have to learn. Lives by it, in fact.

What Paragon Path has your character taken?
His Paragon Path is Academy Master. This he achieved whilst back at Morgrave University in the couple of months between adventures recently. It was part of his latest post-graduate work.

Mikel Rayner

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