Dragonborn infernal hexblade


+1 Eladrin chain (no speed/ability penalties)
+2 magic rod
+1 Cloak of Resistance
Bag of holding
Holy Symbol of the Silver Flame


No one knows where Heyerajj is from – maybe Argonnessen, or Q’barra, or perhaps some other place entirely. Parentless, his first real memories are of life aboard a seaborne independent commercial enterprise operating in the Dragonreach. That’s a rough life for an assistant cabin boy and not one exactly reinforcing the stereotypical dragonborn values of honour and valour so when the elderly historian Barokeras chartered passage to Sarlona, Heyerajj was delighted to end up as his personal assistant for the trip. The captain was happy since the historian paid extra for the service, and Barokeras was happy too since Heyerajj was a great help with some vexing draconic additions in a tiefling text he was studying.

But Heyerajj did a bad bad thing: he did not tell the historian all of what was written there. Barokeras’ old eyes could not even see the finest of the annotations, footnotes and marginal musings … and Heyerajj kept many of the details they provided to himself, knowledge that among other things opened his eyes to the possibilities a life not involving seaborne independent commercial enterprise might offer. (Heyerajj believes he’s the only non-draconic, non-demonic being to learn why the demons consented to enter their dark pacts with the nobles of Ohr Kaluun and that’s just the start of it: how to use power from the demon lords without any inconvenient bargaining, and many and various other things apparently long forgotten, for example just how delicious freshly flame-grilled tiefling should taste.)

Knowing how to do something is one thing and doing it another, so fast forward a couple of years and we find Heyerajj has jumped ship when it got back to Khorvaire and moved to Thrane – where if anything goes wrong there are rather powerful and quite demon-averse people around. As it turned out the big problem was being befriended by the hostel keeper, who showed only kindness to her odd, dragonborn lodger and over the weeks introduced him to the Silver Flame philosophy of – basically – treating others as you would want to be treated. Such contrasting treatment to his previous experiences, plus the self-confidence his new powers provided led Heyerajj to a momentous decision: where possible do no harm, where possible do good, and let’s see how that works out.

The Silver Flame theocrats found themselves in a slight quandry and not quite certain what to do with Heyerajj. Not really suitable to be ordained and to be blunt not really their kind of people (regardless of what he might say), the chance to see his actual behaviour somewhere far far away from Flamekeep seemed like a godsend, as it were. So now Heyerajj is keen to prove he can represent Silver Flame interests as well as Rhadamantine (who as another slight mis-fit in Thrane he remembers from a few shared classes and a couple of nights out drinking). The official orders are pretty much to “do whatever Whiskey says” and that’s fine, just fine: this close to the Demon Wastes there might be tieflings around, and Heyerajj can flame-grill things whenever he wants…


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