An Elven Ranger and Battlefield Archer.


Dar’s full name is Daerendil, but most people just know him as Dar, indeed few people know that he has more of a name than just Dar. He was formally introduced to the lord’s court in Brindol as Dar. He is a ranger and a battlefield archer who enjoys travelling, he’s an extremely competent woodsman, and travels light. Seeing the world is his thing at the moment.

The youngest child of an Eladrin and an Elf from Shae Loralyndar. Amongst other things the family is known for it the fey wines they make in the famous hanging vineyards of Shae Loralyndar.

A member of the Heroes of Brindol, the Heroes defeated Azarr Kuul and prevented an aspect of Tiamat from emerging through a rift into Eberron. The Heroes had previously slowed and eventually defeated the Armies of the Red Hand of Doom. They defeated several dragons and wrymdlords along the way.


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