Lord of Eyes


It is whispered that unlike most his foul brethren, Belashyrra wears a human face. However, his disguise is not perfect: anyone looking at his face can tell it is entirely devoid of any emotions. In addition, anyone who looks into the eyes of Belashyrra is said to see their own eyes reflected back at them.

As with all daelkyr, Belashyrra is a master of symbionts. Belashyrra is believed to wield a symbiont breastplate that absorbs damage, a tentacle whip grafted to his left arm, and an artificial eye amulet that enhances his own powers.


Belashyrra is one of the daelkyr, an alien race from the plane of Xoriat. He and his brethren invaded Khorvaire during the Age of Monsters. While most of the daelkyr were driven back to Xoriat by the Gatekeeper Druids, Belasyhyrra is one of six daelkyr that remained on Khorvaire. From his Citadel of Lidless Eyes in the depths of Khyber, Belashyrra waits for the lords of Xoriat to rise again.

As with all daelkyr, Belashyrra has the ability to warp reality. He can mold flesh into whatever form he wishes. While his fellow brethren had warped goblins to become the dolgrim, some say that Belashyrra’s obsession with eyes that had him mold the first beholders of Eberron. From his Citadel of Lidless Eyes, it is said that Belashyrra can see through the eyes of any living being, by touching the living walls of his citadel.

Belashyrra, like other daelkyr, is surrounded by an aura of madness. While he speaks the native language of the daelkyr, he can also speak and understand any intelligent language. As with other daelkyr, Belashyrra is vulnerable to the touch of Byeshk.


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