Threads of Invasion

Well Well Well

The portal was sort of boring – we went back from whence we came – the streets of Adakmi.

A little capturing later we had a plan.

Yep here we go again. Making friends with the locals, getting attacked meeting strange new beasties. We look at the statue in the middle of town (a little obvious I thought) and use the…. secret door. Not rocket science but then apparently the obvious is frowned on. Advice seemed to be that this was the way. DIrect to the heart of the matter without side attacks from various mutants – or so we hoped.

Down we went, the kids on the street had told me not to go below – but well you know…..

So the team went down – then more faffing around in a room with a connecting corridor – with noise coming from it….. faffing – hell lets just do something.

I move strategically into the room (I think its called a charge). Big big fight followed…. fell down…. got back up….killed more bad guys. Sort of interesting bad guys though – you could even say nice guys in a mercenary sort of way….. did not like that invisibility stuff though.

Anyway long story short – i suspect more going down coming up.


Ummm… the fight happened in Cretus’ tower. We only learnt about the secret door in the tower by questioning the guy we captured.

Well Well Well
tzcooper tzcooper

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