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What Bragg do today

As per your instrukshins I am telling you what hell i am up to. Of course you know I catch and kill all unpleasant lizardmen, get to castle, meet other things there and persuade them help Bragg finish lizardmen off properly. After they have little rest of course.

First tell about Eladrin. We go through portal, find dead Eladrin. One talk to the Whiskey (he are one with many eyes in jacket) say, “help us get back our chalice.” Lizardmen steal chalice and other items of Power for use in their ritual. Oh! I forget to say, lizardman are raising thing called “Certrus” back from dead, maybe you know more about this.

So after meeting dead Eladrin we go through another portal and find Ahnild – he are dead, hang from chains on ceiling. Enough are enough, now Bragg are properly angry with lizardmen and anyone who help them. Ahnild and some other dead people guarded by a large thing of many claws, teeth, eyes, ecksetera. Some of party – a “drowe”, a machine thing called a Klang and elf called Jet go through portal first and get chewed up, so Bragg go kill it for them. Everybody stop for little rest (you are just amazed to hear that I bet) and all wring hands about Jet as she looking quite like have been wrestling bears, I are impressed. Maybe I persuade her come visit some time, she know long words just like you. Oh, also forget, Whiskey and Klang are harsh about Eladrin – say get killed easy. This are not what you say, maybe you ask them next time they drop in? The “drowe”, it are quite like Eladrin only have black skin and seem what you say “economical with truth”. You not teach me about drowes so for now I treat it as not a danger to villages, we see.

While hand wringing going on I take look at next floor up, MORE lizardmen, or snakemen maybe, who care, they start fight without asking name or anything. Lucky you teach Bragg always pay attention or this might be bad news! Lizardmen are no huhu but there also snakey haired girl with them that a bit of a handful. Everyone jump in to help. After that little fun we look upstairs again, and there are treasure! Also some doors to somewhere but, of course, you guess, first we have to go have little rest before opening them.

We go back to castle entrance where there are a room with some lizardmen Whisky chattered up into not fighting, apparently they are off endangered species list now. Bragg not forget Ahnild though and he not forget about little Rathoth either, I kill them later when not so busy. On way back we run into more of lizardmen – you maybe accidentally not tell me there are so many? Or maybe you just want to give me nice surprise? Whiskey get in first and kill most of them though, only leave one for me.

Chatty lizardmen say Certrus are definitely coming back now as ritual have gone too far to stop. Jet say “we see about THAT”, I guess we do. You busy, so Bragg deal with it for you unless you think need come help.


He’s a good old boy at heart, that Bragg.

What Bragg do today
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