Threads of Invasion

That's a cool hat

Skarn’s troops occupied the snake cultist’s stronghold, placing a guard on the portal and we headed back to Yrlag for a well deserved rest.

After some discussion it was decided that we would go through the portal and find out what was happening with Sertrous and the ritual to raise him. But before we made it to the swamp we met Melquiades and his Lascar troop. And what fine fellows they were. Such fine fellows that we returned to Yrlag and spent the next three days watching there puppet shows and listening to their stories. Two stories stood out in particular.

The first was of the next stop on the Lascar’s travels, Ashenport. Apparently this town shouldn’t really exist. It is located in a particularly barren strech of coast, but they had managed to find a great source of fish and had crops growing all over the place. They also seemed to worship some shadowy power. Cult of bad guys if ever I heard it. However we had business elsewhere with Sertrous.

The second was the tale of a ship captain who had to be lashed to the mast of his own ship because his crew feared he was possessed. They sailed through sahuagin infested waters from the south to land in the south of Draguun. The name of the captain and the ship are unknown. Interesting. Very interesting.

Melquiades also suggests that we touched by the Dragon Prohecy.

After a lot of trading we swap a bunch of equipment (thank you Deorly) for a gallons of potions, feline boots, healing gloves and a reflective barrel. Then off to the portal.

Through the portal is an idyllic country scene – a picturesque village in a river valley, rich fields of crops and chirping birds. Oh and a forbidding snake castle. After some quick scouting by Jet, it seems that the villagers are watched over by a naga.

Unfortunately the rest of us are not as successful at sneaking and we alert the naga (and her pet giant snake) to our presence. There is a storm of lightning bolts, Whiskey goes down, Salth stands him up, and the party kill everything.


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