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Despite our heroics the villagers are not overjoyed to see us – claiming that the Yuan-ti will now kill them all. We assure them that we’ll take care of the Yuan-ti before that can happen (oh if only things had been so easy).
We decide to enter the fortress via the central tower. This involves a perilous climb across a cliff face and overhang. Both Jet and Klang jump at the chance to perform such a daredevil stunt, JJ and Whiskey opting to wait for them to let down a rope. With the theme tune from Mission Impossible playing in the background Jet and Klang are initially successful before plummeting to the ground. Undeterred they try again and this time make it to the tower. Unfortunately the tower is guarded by a shadow hound and some flying snake things. A rope is lowered and JJ makes it to the top before the creatures notice us. Then all hell breaks loose.

Jet throws the hound off the 90 foot high tower, which somehow survives the fall and attacks Whiskey and Salth who are still on the ground. A flying snake also heads towards them. JJ, Jet and Klang manage to handle the remaining creatures pretty well despite the narrow tower and the foes ability to fly, but then emerging from the tower is a demonic/draconic flying Yuan-ti archer and a Dragon. Things don’t go well.

The Dragon joins the remaining flying snake to attack Whiskey and Salth. They hide heroically. The foes head back to get the rest of the party. Despite Klang’s battle medic heroics Jet is so wounded she has to scramble down the rope, JJ is pushed off the tower and falls to his death and Klang is knocked unconscious. The dragon and the Yuan-ti loom over him.

Seeing his stalwart comrade go down, Whiskey throws caution to the wind and emerges from his protective illusion and heads to the rope to scale the tower with Jet and Salth. Before they even lay their hands of the rope, Klang leaps up and throws himself off the tower. Somehow he lands on his feet and remains conscious, although has driven himself two feet into the ground. Then things get weird.

A portal opens and a Yuan-ti pursued by a Drow burst through. A half-orc emerges from hiding on the cliff wall and begins charging every foe in sight. There is a flurry of claws, dragon breath, blades and magic which leaves the Dragon and new Yuan-ti dead and the flying Yuan-ti flees inside the tower.

Everything seems to pause for a while as Klang rips off a dragon scale and the team then all head back to the safety of the magical safety of the candle veil.

After a little (8 hours) much needed rest and introductions to the newbies (lets not write names down until they have lasted at least a couple of days). Lets just say one is a drow elf from Xen’drik (!!!) and one is a 1/2 orc barbarian (OK ranger – acts like a Barbarian).

Given the the dismal failure of the subtle approach the group went through the front door. Inside were a couple of giant skellys and someone sneaking around the back – seen only by the sharp eyes of our new half orc friend. He rashly sprinted off to attack the hidden beastie and it was all on. After a bit of a slog all the bad guys are dead – just goes to show the benefits of charging in rather than pussy footing around.


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