Threads of Invasion

More Portals. More Cold.

Each Portal we travel through is leading to more and more hilarious consequences. It gets colder and colder with each jump too. Still, mustn’t rest. Must push on…

This latest Portal we leapt thru, chasing Malachi’s minions, seems to have taken us to the Frostfell. Marooned on an iceberg, a chilly stone’s throw from the bottom of a cliff separating us from solid ground – and more bad guys.

We sent Dar climbing up towards a vent in the cliff face. Each of the party were attuned to the Amulet of Lhazaar for quick escape. Dar made it to the vent, tho not without conflict. He avoided the chasme demon (essentially a giant fly) sent to pry him loose, but it was a simple archer that sent him tumbling. Luckily he caught himself before plummeting to his icy cold death and was able to haul himself into the vents and create a route gate from there to the top of the escarpment.

Between ourselves, the rest of the party sent the demon and his archer fellows scurrying, and we made haste topside, engaging them in battle before they could escape and bring other forces down upon us.

The combat on the clifftop saw Dar and Yuriel unconscious for much of it – and with Naiveran and Klang lagging behind, this left Whiskey and myself to conduct a sort of rear-guard action whilst attempting to resuscitate our comrades. Eventually the tide was turned and the foes defeated.

It was time to gather some intelligence. Whilst Yurial studied the lights in the sky and I took infusions from all, Whiskey’s rather odd arcane talents were put to good use consulting an Oracle. It turns out that Malachi seeks to free his ancestor Volarn – probably in the next few days. Seems Yurial and Whiskey have studied this character and his people before. Volarn was a Priest of the Kaorti. It was around 500 years ago when he built a device that opened a Portal to the Far Realm – Xoriat. This, of course, should be impossible, but the seals protecting us from the Far Realms are aging. It appears the Tear of Vvaraak may have been created in this attempt – which may explain why Malachi needs it. Maybe something to do with the lights…

After this short rest – just so we could catch our breath, mind – we continued our pursuit. Only we didn’t. The combined wisdom of the party has us resting overnight. Sure we have a magical snow cave and have similarly obscured our tracks – but they’re getting away!


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