Threads of Invasion

Lair of the Master-Mind

Naivarin hurried after the cowardly Dark Ones to ensure that weren’t simply circling for an ambush. As he disappeared Klang stomped out of the darkness “What’d I miss?”.

Questioning our somewhat ally Gerith, we determined that the other secret door led back into the sewers. Deciding to avoid any unnecessary distractions, we headed straight for the supposed lair of the mastermind mind-flayer Shathrax. We descended to a room with an undulating floor containing four black basalt statues – three orcs and a human, all heavily armed. Of more immediate temptation to the party of adventurers a seething pile of skin, mouths, eyeballs and saliva loitered in the room. Giving in to said temptation, Mikel promptly shot it and, not to be outdone, Klang charged it. After spewing vomitous bile over Klang again and again (and again) we dispatched the hapless squelcher.

Moving swiftly onward we opened a door into a large sewer-room, perhaps the headquarters. A narrow bridge spanned a pool of vile sewage. Stepped tiers led to a strange internal wall covered with moving pictures, in front of it a large lead bowl. Foulspawn dwelt in the room, two fibrous fanged grunts wielding two-handed blades and a blubbery abomination with a bone staff.

Seizing the initiative Mikel charged across the narrow bridge and secured the way forward. Klang advanced and a foul mind flayer stepped from behind the screen. Psychic assaults washed over the party. A chuul, some sort of squid-lobster monstrosity, rose from the waters and attacked Mikel brutally, only to be subdued into slumber by Yuri’s magic. In the throes of the melee Klang drew all of the opposing abominations into range of his lethal dance. The opportunity perfect, Whiskey unleashed the mysterious Face of Death upon the foul scum, rendering many of them completely helpless against the warforged’s blades. Will they be so easily overcome…


You didn’t mention Dar… I thought this was an equal opportunity blog.

Lair of the Master-Mind
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