Threads of Invasion

Just as well I brought the anti freeze

We woke up in magic shroud at top of cliff another cliff – a Fortress. Mikel was much improved and even better less annoying after Dar and I looked after him

The mountains seemed to be line after line of cliffs. There were lights coming from next cliff playing across the front of it.

At the bottom of the cliff was what looked like a fortress entrance so Into the double door we went. There was a large courtyard with areas running off in all directions. Across the courtyard then we see a large corpse – the eyes flicker and it gets up then two creepy dark things glided across the ground one trying to hit me – missing.

Battle commenced, the creatures were moved all around, but were clumped by our tactics, they had plenty of cold attacks, and the seagull fluttering around. A massive blast killing the biggest bad guy but then we found out that the smaller ones were the truly tough guys.

Healing from mikel very useful and finally we killed the last one.

A further 3 walls with open doors but nothing in them THEN at last something different. This wall has no towers – another door but not ajar.

It was a large room with steps going to the domed building AND A death night knight!!! says Enter and You die!

Well reader you can guess what happened next…… I charged… then 7 new creatures came from their icy tombs – not really a challenge ;-).
Two dropped easily but …….


tzcooper hockles

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