Threads of Invasion

Into the Forest


After the Grell (flying brains with tentacles, no not MindFlayers) attacked the nice little town (Adakmi? human names are so difficult, no music in them and not enough syllables) in the middle of no-where, me and the others who put the Grell down decided to see if we could find where they came from. I mean you can’t leave people to look after themselves, Brindol proved that.

Something truly horrific is happening the forest, it feels like the forest is dying, a chaos infestation of some sort. According to the locals we met (an orc tribe with tendencies more to the natural rather than the brutal) it is emanating from that tower or somewhere close to it.

The people I met in Adakmi seem like good sorts, heroes in their own right from what I can gather, I guess I should believe them after all the Brindol story sounds quite fanciful, regardless though they’re stalwart fighters… They have strange ideas about how Healers work.

They’re also going to Shae Loralyndar, which is great. If they end up being as decent as they seem, then they’ll be great at my sister’s wedding… anything to take the focus of me. It is hard to believe it has been over a decade since I was there last… and that was before the day of mourning.

I hope Father has calmed down a little. He never did like that I was an Elf. Though out in the wider world it would appear that being an elf is something of an advantage, much lower mortality rates than Eladrin. If other Eladrin are like Naivaran then I am quite surprised the rest of world still exists when there are killing machines like that around… Still my brothers are Eladrin and the only thing I can imagine them killing is a bottle of wine.


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