Threads of Invasion

Into the Bones of Adakmi

All of the pieces of the murder mystery are starting to fit together. Finding that ingenious secret door in Adakmi’s town square at the base of a statue was a real breakthrough!

We descended the ancient Darkani stairs, walking amongst the very bones of this town. After a small, damp anti-chamber we emerged into a larger vault, bordered by pillars and arches. Small candles welcomed us and cast shadows across the space.

Keeping a sharp eye out for traps or other hidden dangers, we weren’t entirely surprised by the ambush. Dark-skinned humanoids who were able to wrap the very shadows to their bidding leaped out and battle was joined.

Gerith, our new “ally” did not involve himself in the combat except to call out to our enemies a warning: “Simos, be careful, they’re powerful”. And so it proved. Defeating them and their rapier/dagger attacks which drip with poison that immobolises and stuns. Simos escaped through another portable portal but we captured the other two, forcing them to open one of the secret doors in the room.

Within this new room were four statues (which astoundingly were actually statues), and four further foulspawn, a mystic (fleshless, with a skin moustache!), a mangler (similar to one we had faced before with bone throwing daggers), and two berserkers. The mystic had a habit of teleporting members of our party to other dimensions during the fight.

Very little treasure was discovered after they were dispatched, though one of the statues had a scroll made of bark with druidic script. Must find a comprehend languages ritual.

Our defeated enemies from earlier had scrapered during the battle, but we did gather from them the existence of another secret door, and information regarding the rest of the complex. The obvious exit from the main chamber leads to the experiment room, where supposedly these abominations are created and a branch on that corridor leads also to Shathrax’s chamber itself.

From our earlier questioning, we discovered that Simos is the recruiter of the mercenaries for Shathrax. Looks like we’ll stumble upon them both when we descend deeper. Still, curious about the other secret door – we really should destroy or cure as many of the abominations as we can, to protect to good citizens of Adakmi. The experimental chamber will wait, I suppose…


tzcooper rdoone

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