Threads of Invasion

In deep water

Trap setting for dummies

A big, empty room. Shadows and corners and multiple entrances. A giant statue of something unspeakable. And – a bit too obvious this – a soft cry for help from the very person we’ve come to rescue.

It’s a trap.

Of course it’s a trap. Let’s spring it!

So we advanced into the room and weren’t completely surprised when two elite fighters and eight archers came out to play.

In fairness, however, we were a little caught out when Kyla stumbled out from the statue and water began gushing from it.

Now that’s more like it!

The torrent spread across the floor at a seemingly impossible rate and began filling the room, so that finishing off our opponents – now including a snake-like creature who’d been observing from inside the statue – provided less of a respite than we might have expected.

And Kyla’s behaviour was becoming stranger by the moment.

There were controls inside the statue. There had to be a way to shut off the water. Thanks to a nifty move by Heyerajj with a fey switch, I’d ended up closest. Now it was a puzzle I had to solve. No pressure; Salth was already swimming, Whiskey and Heyerajj were scrambling for higher ground. Only Klang – not needing to breathe – was safe, and he was busy trying to help Kyla.

Whiskey shouted that a section of the floor looked like it might retract. If the controls caused it to open, the six feet of water already collected would drain away, taking anyone in it along for the ride. Like I said, no pressure.

Then everything seemed to happen at once: the water flow cut off – the floor opened up – the water already in the room began to rush down the hole – Kyla escaped Klang and inexplicably swam towards the whirlpool – I dove in to try and stop her – and the three of us were swept away.

Whipped around, dragged under, half-drowned, falling, falling…impact…surfacing, breathing again. Damn! That was fun!

Now where were we? Another chamber below the dome, an underground river running through it. Klang’s alright – that’s a relief. He’s well below the surface; looks like he’s searching for Kyla on the river bed. I made for a platform to one side of the chamber. There was a room beyond it – maybe Kyla’s there.

Meanwhile Whiskey, Salth and Heyerajj had clung grimly to whatever would save them from sharing our fate. Ironic, really, as within a minute – and by the shortest possible path in Whiskey and Heyerajj’s case – they’d made their own way down to join us.


“Heyerajj had clung grimly”? Please! Heyerajj was comfortably leaning on a balcony rail, watching interestedly as everyone else played water sports. Only once the room had become a room again – rather than an aquatic centre – did Heyerajj descend to see what was going on. (And thanks to Salth then took an unintended bath. Remind me to thank him properly some time ….)

In deep water
tzcooper Landarien

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