Threads of Invasion

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease

Having recovered with the help of my team mates we finished off the undead apes. Whiskey seemed to lose a little focus though and our new friend started sticking needles in me – you can’t fathom these fleshies! The needles seemed to heal me and have various other effects – I think I prefer Whiskey’s methods. He’s a funny chap reminding me of the Makers.

After finishing off the Apes we were faced with double closed doors. There was a bit of faffing around I something to do with listening and checking and finally we did the obvious and opened it. Inside were yet more undead who met us at the door. These were tough hitting creatures with all sorts of gooey poison attacks – not nice!

There was also some magic attacks coming from within the room so I decided to have a good look around while dealing with the beasties. No surprise there was a sneaky snake creature hiding behind a column. Once spotted the creature fled to a metal contraption hanging from the ceiling.

It was time to act. If I wasn’t fast our more magically inclined members might finish the snake off and ruin the fun. I did a running leap, swung up and climbed the remaining gap -- that surprised it! THEN after a good hit from me the creature was attacked by my party and fell down….. apparently climbing is easier than falling is all that need be said.

The rest of the fight was a good stouch with plenty of work by the whole party, the minotaur is very impressive, nearly as good as me at holding the line. And yes more needles.

After using most of our powers right down to my last healing it was time for a wee lie down.

After closing the door we rested. We apparently missed two search parties but could not find them. Now there seems multiple options as to where to go – still no idea where this ceremony is.


tzcooper tzcooper

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