Threads of Invasion

Disappearing People and Exploding People in Adakmi

Adakmi is a funny wee town… I’ve never seen so many people die or disappear or explode in such a little town, in such a short space of time. I think perhaps it goes back to my issue with human names, no music in them, and not enough syllables, it makes it easier for those mentally disturbed monsters to congregate. I mean most of them can’t say words of more than two syllables… Can you imagine a monster saying lets shamble on over to Shae loralyndar. in the high ranges at the top of the river falling… by the time they got that out they’d have forgotten what they were talking about. However “lets hurt people in Adakmi.” is short enough that they remember.

Anyway this time we’re wandering around town and surprise, surprise, everyone is exploding or disappearing. So in a particularly unimaginative way the towns people decide to blame us… this rabble marched on us… So we scare them and they run away.

We wander around town and find out that Cylus was killed three weeks ago by a mindflayer.. yukkkkkkk. Then we visit Cretus’ tower… is it a tower when there is only one floor? Still it had a wizard. so? And we find something, and then a portal opens. Party time.


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