Threads of Invasion

Birds of a feather flock together with gelatinous cubes

It's all fun and games until someone gets sucked into a cube and subjected to ongoing acid 10

It was with a spring in our step that we left behind the tombs of Kalton Manor. Traveus was dead, but our suspicions about him being a bad guy were born out by the letters he carried – so not harm done really.
Deorly seemed particularly interested in the evil necromantic tome. This may have something to do with the fact that the tome allows creation of a loyal undead servant, which would mean Deorly had someone to argue with whenever she liked. Or she is an evil necromancer.
We returned to Blackroot to discuss things with Doria. She couldn’t give us much help with the couple of letters that Traevus carried, but seems like Traevus was working with a couple of people. One is Sarshan – who kidnapped our friend Beren and took him to the Shadowfell. He/she sounds like some sort of merchant who profits from conflicts – arms dealer? mercenary captain? diplomat for hire? The other is Malachi who seems to be much more involved in cults of Khyber and is looking for something called the Tear.
There seemed to be two particular leads 1) investigate a old base of a mercany company called the Storm Crows 2) investigate a cult called The Hand, who Doria’s friend Jaryn went to check out but never came back. They also seem to have something to do with The Pillars of Night which might have a portal to the Shadowfell. We decided to check out the Storm Crow base which is on the way to The Hand. Hopefully we’ll find Jaryn and a portal which we can nip through and rescue Beren.
Doria lends us a land cart, a thoroughly awesome plow-like platform covered in crystals and powered by an earth elemental. This travels at an enormous rate and means we can get to the pillars in a couple of days rather than weeks. Only downside is that you need to have a House Orien dragonmark to drive it. Doria does have a nifty ritual that can give one person a temporary mark, so Deorly takes that up. Hope we dont meet any proper House Orien dudes.
We find the Storm Crow base has been claimed by a flock of Kenku, who repeated tell us to ‘fuck off’. We try talking nicely and bribing them to let us in, but fail.
Klang decides he doesn’t want to start a fight with these guys and heads out. Rhada approaches them, seemingly planning to play the old ‘pull my finger’ gag or something similar. They throw javelins, he kills one and, well, the inevitable follows.
What starts off as a easy fight rapidily becomes a fight for survival as follow the retreating Kenki. Two tough Kenku appear, and then we’re ambushed by a gelantinous cube. Klang and Rhada are thrown into a pit, where they start to be eaten by a second cube, while Whiskey and Deorly are repeatedly engulfed by the first one.
Whiskey only escapes with the help of Salth and is in really bad shape, Deorly manages to get out on her own but in equally poor condition. Klang is nearly digested by the cube in the pit and barely escapes. Rhada escapes, but then slips climbing out of the pit and does a belly flop back into the cube. Through use of various big powers we barely overcome the Kenku, kill the marauding cube and Rhada manages to get out of the pit. Phew!
These Storm Crows better have amassed some good loot from their mercenary days!!


tzcooper Whiskey

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