Threads of Invasion

Agera, you ... witch

"False Prophet, master!"

Once rested following our efforts against the elementals we were keen to continue restoring Right and Justice and Good to this place, and were again joined by Deorly, who made short work of opening the exit door which had managed to confound Klang for some time – clearly an elaborate locking mechanism.
The next room posed several questions initially – who were the four tentacularly enhanced statues intended to represent? What were the three stone constructs meant for, and similarly the fiendishly complex letter-grid puzzle? Why was there a quiescient portal on the far wall? After some false starts and assorted mayhem, we establised the answers as a) don’t know, some children or other of Khyber, b) to kill us, c) to allow Klang to prove he is either a lot smarter than he looks or very lucky and d) to gain access to somwhere a lot more interesting.
Stepping through the portal we encounter a large space with a centrepiece sarcophagus sitting on a design drawn in blood and clearly warded, a workdesk area (also warded), and some niches full of miscellaneous bones, pieces of armour etc. There is a smell of brimstone in the air: clearly a foul place in need of a good cleansing, a point proven beyond Doubt when merely venturing into one of the old crypts raises undead warriors who leap to attack us. On their own these are no threat – Whiskey dispatches several of them with little effort – but as they rise from the grave the sarcophagus lid bursts asunder and from that emerges a tiefling witch, possessed of arcane powers and apparently in league with dreadful forces on other planes! As she unfolds, she unleashes a tirade of abuse concerning the Wrathstone and how our souls will be paid to Tiamat.
After that things became desparate for the forces of Good. Using her evilness the witch had us spending as much time attacking each other as we did her, and we may well have lost that encounter without the Sacred Circle of the Silver Flame to counter the influence of Tiamat in that cavern. Eventually Salth – who seems to remain true to Whiskey despite the perils this places him in – dispatched the tiefling and we finally prevailed.
A short period of healing later we investigated the workbench, finding naught but an old journal of the Stormcrow troop which reveals the tiefling to be Agera of the Shadowface and raises some disquieting questions about the Wrathstone itself.
Further searching reveals other items – two potions of healing, 190gp, 2 moonstones worth 100gp each, a (non-magical) bronze crown of Dhakaani make worth 250gp, an enshrouding candle and an Eberron scabbard. THe real prize is of course that Agera no longer threatens Eberron…


Is Tiamat associated with Khyber Cults – or is she different?

Agera, you ... witch
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