Threads of Invasion

A new threat

In a far off corner of the land a new Red Hand threat looms. An army of hobgoblins it intent on invading the human lands to the east and establishing their perverted religion.

Fortunately a band of stalwart adventurers is there to slow them dowm. A hobgoblin hero with his silent eladrin companion; two stealthy rangers, one a mysterious race from the darkness below, another an elf from Thelanis; a brave elven cleric, a woodsman and a deadly bladesinger.

These brave souls and found out the evil invasion plan through stealth, cunning and knocking a few heads together. After finishing off a minor base and delaying the attack by destroying a key bridge our adventurers now face a greater threat. In the middle of a marsh they found a sunken town being used as a base by the evil Red Hand. The adventurers have stealthily attacked this base and are currently facing a dragon and its rider, ogres, an ettin and a dragoborn.


tzcooper tzcooper

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