Threads of Invasion

A long nap

After waking from what seemed to be a very long nap, we had some visitors. They announced their arrival by hurling balls of gas into our room and hacking at us with picks. Nice.

Whiskey, Klang and Salth managed to throw off the sleeping gas that engulfed the rest of the group and successfully fought off the yuan-ti attackers. During the combat we were aided by two figures from across the entry hall. These two turned out to be ‘students on a field trip’. From Morgrave University in Sharn, or so they say. In any case they (Irann – an elven transgender Seeker and Mikel – a human artist and artificer) seemed keen to join us on our slightly fuzzy campaign to stop the bad guys doing bad stuff.

Mikel proved immediately useful by spotting a secret door that lead up to various floors of the fortress. The first couple of floors were familiar, but the third was unusual. And when I say unusual, I mean, BAD. A massive chamber with a mix of both columns and pillars – which shows the sort of depravity the yuan-ti are into. Also two active portals and one in the off position. The whole chamber was dominated by a black marble ziggurat that emanated badness. Whiskey approached and was overcome as icy evil reached into his stomach and grasped his heart (proving that saying about men, hearts and stomachs). Klang shot it. An alarm went off and we hid. Well, we hid for a brief moment – then Klang charged out yelling at the fire tailed Yuan-ti who had come to investigate.


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